Sunday, 17 April 2016

Notes on Harmony

I sit at the bedroom window, and allow my gaze to wander aimlessly at the scenery on the other side of the glass pane. What do I see? The streetlights cast a shower of brightness under their hoods, and illuminate certain spots in my window picture, while dark silhouettes obscure secret meetings and romps around corners and underneath them. But all is still in the air, the quietness enveloping us in an aura of reverie and contemplation. It silences our nervous system, and our senses are heightened. I hear my antennae travelling around, searching for answers to the great mysteries of the universe. I contemplate the neighbors, their lives intertwined with mine, yet distant, we each having gone through different paths to arrive to the same place. Where did they come from? What brought them here?
Why are we all here? Like a huge organism, each of us are like a cell, with a certain life span, a certain function, certain location, all contributing to keep the entire organism alive and healthy for as long as possible. 
It is like listening to a Beethoven symphony, where the smallest of motives are conceived as building blocks for the neighborhoods, which in turn hold up the city, and so on.
I hear the opening of the Eroica symphony, and it revives my faith in a higher order, a faith that we all serve a purpose, to do our very best to keep life as healthy and strong as long as possible. 
When we hear the beauty, the truth, the harmony of the interconnectedness of the universe in a Beethoven Symphony, how can we do anything but to have faith in God, to feel special and humbled by the magic of life? We begin to feel what our individual roles are, and to have renewed love and respect for Bach and Beethoven. 

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